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Agora RISE

JCI Augsburg

It seems that dealing with media has gotten harder over the last few years. Social media, trolls, fake news, alternative facts… what does this mean for democratic societies? We believe that the preservation of democratic values, stable governments and a peaceful life in a diverse society critically depend on the ability of forming one’s own opinion by neutral media. So how to deal with all the challenges the new information era brought on us? We invite experts from different European countries to compare the different media landscapes and to find best practice examples for dealing with our current situation. What are the key points that trigger the abuse of media? Which role does journalism play? How can the “average citizen” be prepared to deal with these challenges? Therefore, we invite professionals from different countries that have several years of experience in the media business. We believe that communication and in-depth conversations on these topics will shed light onto these most urgent questions of our time.